Stan has trained Labrador Retrievers for numerous years at other established kennels before he became an Owner and Breeder at his own kennel: Southern Point Kennels (SPK), in Okeechobee, FL.

Breeding is the business and

Stan enjoys his labs and enjoys being in the field every day with them. He is loyal to his team and will always be wherever they are when in the field, or at home, using love and understanding with the pups—so they become “all that they can be” when grown.



Stan is an active owner

Stan is an active owner and breeder at Southern Point Kennels (SPK). He’s good with all his labs and is especially good with the puppies—getting them started at a young age with training, by socializing and getting them ready for a very exciting and long hunt career.

Growing up in South Florida

Stan has hunted since a young boy, he loves the hunt experience and thrives on making every hunt a good hunt—that includes a well-trained Lab Retriever.

 “A good hunt depends on the hunter, the gun and the dog… and it helps if the dog had good breeding and started its’ training right from a pup,” says Stan Collins.