Bringing Your Puppy Home

Moma and PupBringing Your Puppy Home

Labrador retriever puppies are absolutely irresistible. Every time I see a Lab puppy they steal my heart. Many people act on impulse when seeing such a cute puppy and don’t realize the tremendous amount of work which is involved in training such a ball of energy. The average amount of time for a Labrador puppy to settle down and act like an adult dog is 2-3 years.

You will probably get your new Labrador puppy when it is  8  weeks old. Remember that your puppy is being separated from his mother, siblings, and everything that he has known in his life. Going to a new home without his familiar surroundings is going to be the most upsetting experience of his young life. A puppy is still a baby and will need a great deal of affection and care.  The first night at home away from Mom and littermates can be challenging - lots of middle of the night whining.

Labradors, even as puppies, see themselves as housedogs. It is extremely important to teach your puppy the house rules from the very beginning and then let them be a part of the family. These early lessons need to come with gentleness and kindness. Create train your puppy.